If for some reason, your parcel could not be delivered to your doorstep, you can request for a re-delivery to Fastway Courier. Follow the steps shown here to submit a succesfull re-delivery request and Fastway Courier will arrange for a re-delivery of your parcel.


Step 1:

Visit Fastway's Re-delivery page


Step 2:

Re-deliver to the original address

(For re-delivery within a five-kilometre radius of the original address.)


Choose the re-delivery address option. You can choose for re-delivery to original address or you can choose to redirect to the new address.

(Please note that redirect to new address may have some charges by Fastway.)


 fastway redelivery option


(Note: If you choose Re-direct to a new address, a section on the form will appear where you will need to mention your need address.) 


Next, enter your calling card number or the label number.




 fastway calling card - label number





Calling Card Number:

You can find your calling card number from the Calling Card left by the Fastway guy. It looks something like this:


 fastway demo calling card


Label number:

You can find your label number from the shipping confirmation email (email with your order's shipping tracking details) that you had received from our shipping department.


Once you have entered CCN or label number, you will need to fill up details like your name, mobile number, email and address in a short form that looks something like this:


 fastway redelivery form


And then select your preferred date from the list of available dates:


 fast redelivery to new address



If you will be not present at the address to collect the parcel at your preferred date, please select the checkbox that reads Authority to leave without a signature and mention a safe place in the box that appears beneath it.


 fastway safeplace redelivery




Once you've filled out all these details, click on the checkbox that reads Accept conditions of delivery and press the submit button and your request for re-delivery will be booked.




For any more FAQs on Fastway's re-delivery, please click here.



Urgent Delivery/Refund Disclaimer 


We can do refund only within 48 hours of placing the order after that refund fees will be charged. Although we can't guarantee urgent delivery, we will try our best to deliver the order at the earliest.