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Incense is the art of communal fire. When we discovered fire we discovered smoke. While learning to keep the fire going not only did we form communities we formed families as we gathered in the light. We also learned what smelled best when burned and burned the longest. In our quest for fire we have developed many ingenious uses including warmth, light and even the humble incense. Incense purifies the air, calms the mind, eases the body and heightens the senses. A fragrance of many forms as found in sticks, cones, oils, soaps and more, The Master Craftsmen of brands and products I carry closely guard their skill, methods and the ingredients of their creations. Incense is well known for evoking classic inspirations of exotic lands, memorable experiences and sensual enchantment in fragrances well known throughout history. While fragrance names may inspire emotion, thought or feeling the true essence of incense lies in you, the keeper of your flame. An experience to be shared but deeply personal, incense burning is one of the oldest medicinal, spiritual and enlightening acts known to man. From Biblical times to modern man, incense has evoked peace, love, abundance & light through the simple rite of fire and fragrance. Find your favourites and enjoy the imaginative pleasures of incense. Where there is smoke there is fire so please be careful. But on a quiet night when lights are low think Incense for that sweet smelling glow.