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India At Home, the most loved, trusted and one of the biggest Indian grocery stores is operating in Victoria for nearly 2 decades now. It all started in the year 2004 when Mr. Rajesh Bhatia founded this supermarket brand to serve the everyday cooking needs of the Indian-Australian community.

Mr. Rajesh Bhatia and his wife Mrs. Vandana Bhatia were living their lives as a normal Indian couple in a foreign land when they noticed the everyday challenge of finding the groceries, ingredients, and cooking essentials that they were using while growing up back in their home country, India. The longing for homestyle cooking and the continuous need for authentic Indian cooking ingredients, sweets, and religious artifacts brought ‘India At Home’ into existence. This go-to supermarket for the Indian community started its operations with its first retail outlet in Victoria.

Over 18 years, the popularity and operations of India At Home grew at a commendable speed and currently, it has 5 retail stores in Dandenong, Keysborough, Fountain Gate, Box Hill, and Epping. India At Home is the lovely blend of Indian heritage, family values, and traditions that craft delightful experiences for Indians in Australia. When it comes to culinary and dietary needs, we enjoy immense popularity among Australian people too.

In the year 2021, when the entire world was dealing with the worst ever humanitarian crisis in the form of the Covid19 pandemic, India At Home forayed into the digital media world and kept serving high-quality groceries and Indian food and non-food items to the Indian community of Victoria through its online marketplace www.indiaathome.com.au.

Mission: Bringing you back what you left behind!

Vision: We want to increase our digital footprints in order to serve the entire Indian community residing all over Australia by 2025.

Know the founder

In the year 1995, a young and bright Indian boy migrated from India to Australia with a dream of pursuing Masters in Business Administration (MBA). That young man was Mr. Rajesh Bhatia who went on to laid the foundation of Victoria’s one of the leading supermarket chains for premium Indian groceries, India At Home. Rajesh worked in the Indian grocery and wholesale industry for 5 years and gained first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge about the unique needs of the Indian community. While working for other brands in the field, he noticed the jarring gap between the demand, supply, and import of Indian goods in Australia. This led to the inception of India At Home, a now much-loved Indian grocery brand with both wholesale and retail divisions. Since its establishment in 2004, India At Home has received praises from credible and popular news outlets such as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The University of Victoria Magazine.

Currently, Mr. Rajesh Bhatia is focusing on using the advancement of digitalization and social media for reaching and serving the Indians residing all over Australia. India At Home is attracting customers residing in different parts of the country through its online marketplace www.indiaathome.com.au

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