Largest online vendor of Indian groceries now delivers in Hervey Bay city

Hervey Bay, a city in Queensland, Australia, has various names amazingly. An excellent 3 and a half hour drive from the state's capital, Brisbane, this city orchestrated on normal straight formed along Queensland landscape and neighbouring Fraser Island is a treat to live.

As such, Hervey Bay has a mild subtropical climate. The temperature in summer seldom passes 30 C. Winters are pleasant with temperature seldom dipping below 22 C. Rainfall is in two peaks: Primary and Secondary.

The primary peak is from December to March while the second peak is from May to June.

At the 2011 Australian Census, the city recorded a population of 48,680. This is an area of high population growth. The population of Indians is also growing in this city.

In Hervey Bay, stores selling Indian groceries are spare--hard to cater the large and growing population of Indians. Preparing your favourite paneer or Vegetable dish is difficult if you don’t have every ingredient stocked.

Now, at India at Home, Australian Indians’ one-stop destination for everything Indian, is now delivers in Hervey Bay. No more, you have to visit Brisbane to have your favourite Indian dish. Now you can cook almost everything home thanks to this Indian grocer, who delivers in Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay is composed some of the regions listed below:

  • Beelbi Creek
  • Booral
  • Burgowan
  • Burrum
  • Burrum Heads
  • Burrum River
  • Burrum Town
  • Cherwell
  • Dundathu
  • Howard
  • Pacific Haven
  • River Heads
  • Sunshine Acres
  • Susan River
  • Takura
  • Torbanlea
  • Walliebum
  • Walligan

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