Lays Snacks

Munching on potato chips during the break is the favourite task of many people as it makes them happy. Lays chips are special as they are made from top quality, specially selected potatoes of America.

There are four different varieties of Lays such as Spanish Tomato, Magic Masala, Hot & Sweet, American Onion & Cream which are readily available in our stores. Some of us may not know that potato chips can provide potassium, pantothenic, vitamin E, C, B6 and manganese, but traces of these nutrients can be found.

Rice bran oil is used to cook lays that is naturally high in good fats and 22% lower in saturated fats. Lays chips are priced as low as $2.10 at our store, India At Home. One can buy all varieties of snacks online in India At Home and get them delivered anywhere in Australia in the shortest possible time.

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