Pure New Zealand Ghee

Pure New Zealand Ghee is traditionally used as cooking oil, an ingredient in dishes and is also used in Ayurveda Therapies. Pure cow ghee is digested up to 96% as compared to all other vegetable and animal-sourced fats. Lactose intolerant people can also consume cow ghee as it's known to be lactose-free. Cow ghee is best to cook spices and all types of dishes from the sub-continent as it adds richness to the flavor of your dish.
Cow ghee is also a rich source of vitamin A, D, E, K that is important in providing normal cellular function and healthy growth in humans. This Ghee can be consumed daily in small quantities as a daily source of saturated fats. Visit India at home website to buy ghee online and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. Free shipping on $99+ grocery orders in Melbourne Metro.
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