TSF Papadums

Buy papads and wadis online from the leading Indian grocery store in Australia. Known for their crispy-crunchy texture, these papads and wadis are great as quick-bites with your favourite meal. The ready-to-fry papads and wadis are sourced from trusted brands known for their premium quality products. Papadam is an Indian deep-fried dough and the main ingredients of papad are black gram, spices, water and salt.
Papadam or Papads are served as an addition to an Indian meal and as a snack whereas wadis are meaty in texture and are spiced and sun-dried dumplings made from ground lentils.
You can order online- Lijjat papad, jeera papad, masala papad, fryums, sabudana papad, and many other varieties of papads and wadis. Remember to add your choice of papad or wadi from your go-to online grocery shop, India at home. These products can be stored airtight for more than a year. Free Delivery is available for $99+ in Melbourne Metro
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